Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fall Tablescape

I love, love, love fall.  I mean I really love it!  Lately I've been following a blog called Between Naps on the Porch especially on Thursdays when they have people post their tablescapes.  Some of them are absolutely beautiful!  So here's my feeble attempt at a couple tablescapes of my own. 

This one still needs some work but I wanted to do the napkin fold while I had the chance.  If I remember right it's call "Bird's Nest".

I found this insanely cute turkey at Marshalls/TJ Maxx/Home Goods (can't remember which one) but I instantly fell in love with him.  Especially because he's so much like another cute little turkey I got a couple years ago.  (That one's still packed away up in the attic.)  But he inspired me so I put some stuff together around the house.  I particularly liked the neat napkin fold where it's like a little pocket for the silverware. 

New Halloween Decorations

I got this cute little frame garland last week at Marshalls. 

I thought they were really neat, but the openings were only about an inch square and I didn't think a picture would show up very well in them.  So...I decided I'd print up a saying, cut it out, and put a letter in each frame.

I decided to use TRICKORTREAT and it fit perfectly!  The font I used was "Captain Howdy" and I printed it out with brown ink.  I think I made the font at 80, but I'm not positive of that.
I hung it over my fireplace and think it turned out great!

At another Marshalls/TJ Maxx I found some matching fridge magnets and some plain matching garland that I hung over the TV cabinet.  Sorry no picture right now of the magnets.

I loved them so much I bought a second set of magnets and another package of the frame garland for my daughter when I spotted them at a different store.  Now I'm on the look out for more so I can make some as gifts.  Fingers crossed I'll run onto some, but so far it's not looking good.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Shower!

After much preparation we had the shower last weekend!
My beautiful daughter, Mikerdoo, was able to come in from CA, along with my wonderful sister, Stace, from AZ.  Everything turned out fantastic!  With the help of SO many people it was an awesome success and Punky Poo had a great time. 

                   Look at these BEAUTIFUL cake balls Val made!  Aren't they gorgeous?  That's a chocolate mint trifle I made in the background.  The cake in it was to die for! (Just ask Stace and Mikerdoo.)  I took a regular dark chocolate cake and after it was baked, poured on about half a bottle of Irish Cream coffee creamer.  Oh my heavens!  It was SO moist!

Getting ready.

Gift table.



Val and Amie made this great boquet from the ribbons.

Thanks so much to Harriet for providing the paper goods and table decorations, Val for making the yummy cake balls that EVERYONE thought were amazing, and especially to Carly for help in putting it ALL together!  Oh, and let's not forget Jason who provided the awesome party trays and salad from my favorite eatery, Capriotti's!

Goodie Boxes, Bags, Cups? Whatever!

Another craft for Punkie Poo's shower.  These (25 of 'em!) were a lot of fun to make and ended up looking beautiful along with the special green card holders my wonderful sister provided.  Here's how I made them.

Used my trusty Cricut to cut out the popcorn box (Tags, Bags, Boxes, and More) at full page size.

Cut, score, fold, tape, and glue on the goodies.

The little birds were punched from a punch I got from Stampin' Up!

And VOILA!  Here's what the end product looked like on the gift table.  Can you believe how perfect those little wallet/card holder thingies matched?   Thank you, Stace!  You are my forever friend/sister!  I love you way up to God!